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08/26  FREE Text alerts 10minutes prior to auction.  We will also text special offers & any changes due to weather, etc…  Very handy.  Just text “auctionlover” to 313131.  Confidential and directly for Bullseye only.  Quite handy.

08/24  Who does 50 cent bids in 2015??  That answer is simple…Bullseye!  Why 50 cent bids??  Simply because it’s honestly one of the few breaks we can give to our buyers.  When bidding online I have come to believe you should never have to pay more than your final “bid” & you should have the opportunity to bid your maximum without crazy increment raises.  It is the closest to a “true” online marketplace anywhere online.  You will quickly discover 50 cent bidding adds lots of fun and will also save you cash over the long run as you will never get bumped up more than 50 cents if you put in an absentee bid.  Let me know whay YOU think….hopefully you agree….50 cent bidding is the bomb.  Good Luck. Glen

08/25  Catalog Size..Is bigger really Better?  An old wiseman once said “compare auctions to the bedroom and good fortune will await”…case in point.  Bigger is better, cheap isn’t always bad, & sometimes expensive is awesome.   At Bullseye…you won’t see us dilly dally around with any small auctions.  More selection, more deals, more bargains!  I understand pickup can be a pain and if you only buy one item it is more of a pain.  You may still buy only one item even in a huge item…no sweat.  But at least with Huge auctions there is a higher probability of finding more items that interest you and the chance of bargain sniping goes up substantially. Hope you agree…bigger is better!!  Glen

08/25  No Buyer’s Premiums, 3.9 tax, & No Reserves.…No blog would be complete unless I state my opinion on buyer’s premiums.  Let’s keep it simple.  Buyer’s premiums should go away.  Charging any buyer a premium to be a customer has no place in any business….and certainly not a resale world auction.  (an opinion not wanted stated in the auction world)  Of course you will NEVER pay any premiums at Bullseye.  Add only 3.9% tax & of course if it’s here….it sells.  That’s why you are at Bullseye.  No games, no gimmicks, & NO Reserves.  We will not sell with reserve unless stated up front….(maybe 2 items in 3 years)  I refuse to waste buyer’s time…just believe in the open market.  The entire premise of any auction…”for the market will dictate”  Spend your hard earned money wisely….hopefully we can earn some of it. TY.  Glen