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The Bullseye Report


05/24….Just not the Same…I get numerous emails and comments as to why other companies that use the same bidding software as Bullseye are run so differently.  Well…you got me.  Numerous other companies play games and put up and take down auctions for cheap advertising, almost all others “soft” close (which in my opinion allows price manipulation), & most have few pictures and are just obscure, and nearly all have completely ridiculous buyer’s premiums of 10-20%.  I constantly look at other companies who use the same software as Bullseye and rarely see anyone running it quite like we do….which is fine by me.  We run as the “ultimate” open market as a true liquidator.  Hope you like it that way…always open to feedback.  Good luck!

05/24…The Phone only knows so much…I recently watched an online presentation on “how-to” make money in the resale world.  Was actually quite entertaining…mostly for all the wrong reasons.  They went through a complete tutorial on how to do research over your phone and practically a 2 page checklist on what to look for.  Full of great info and no doubt interesting…BUT I believe they may have missed the mark.  The true great finds at auctions and yard sales are the items that you can’t find online easily…of course research is now in 2016 a must if you are a reseller…often if you can’t find it…the item may be rare and as all know.  Almost always rare=Value…and it doesn’t even have to be that old.  While I simply have little time to get out and horsetrade anymore…that end of the business can not only be quite fun…but extremely profitable.  Go with your gut…sometimes what you can’t look up is a diamond in the rough.  Good luck & keep your eyes peeled.

05/24…Here come the Semi’s….What little mind I have may now be lost!  The Bullseye has taken on a mass warehouse liquidation of overstock and shelf pulled goods from name brand retailers.  There are the 1st two semi-loads set to arrive soon and should be quite interesting for all you buyers!  Over 70 seven foot pallets.  Majority of this merchandise is brand new….and just anything and everything.  The majority will sell “tag style” as just an enormous amount of volume and should be incredible bargains galore!!  Watch website for details as this tag sale in July could be one for the ages….See you there!!