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06/22….And the million dollar question is?…How was auction in Sanford?  After over 25 years working live auctions the funny thing is you can have different opinions on nearly every item sold.  You can be walking to next item to sell and hear comments about item just sold from two people saying “that was a ridiculous price” and at the same time someone saying “what an incredible deal”…About the same item!  So for me to analyze would be impossible.  I don’t believe I saw but maybe one truck or trailer leaving that wasn’t packed to the gills and several rented U-Hauls.  Under 100 in attendance on Friday and under 120 on Saturday.  For those that put in the miles and time….believe all buyer’s were rewarded….and THANKS for attending!!  Auction went very smooth.  With live auctions…you never know when one is going to be loaded with deals…but you gotta attend.  No delievery to your doorstep!  lol.

06/22…Why are online auctions soooooo different? Yet similar?….Maybe that is the question I ask myself as much as I get asked.  But it is so true.  The crazy thing with online auction is still the “gray” area that exists because sales are technically taking place over cyberspace.  Pretty crazy.  Who regulates that?  Well…good question.  The State where the sale actually takes place is technically in charge but still a little scary.  I am very vocal and my belief with online auctions remains firm.  Soft close should NOT be permitted and results should be mandatory to post for 24 hours.  Those two items in and among themselves allow other companies to price fix and manipulate the software and are just asking for companies to become unethical and basically screw buyers.  I don’t have enough room to go into detail on this blog but believe me…I am VERY frustrated as I watch companies have the ability to take this into so many different directions.  Maybe down the way as slowly more and more are popping up.  PLEASE be careful!!  Know who you are buying from and look for all the little things…a great deal may not be so great after buyer’s premiums are added or a nightmare 3 hour pickup awaits.  Bullseye is an open book…if EVER you want to see bidding history after the auction  just ask…I will be glad to show…nothing to hide.  And hopefully you like how we run em…no games or gimmicks.  Remember if a company doesn’t have a building or solid address OR won’t show bidding history or things look a little fishy…RUN…and don’t look back.  Good luck out there!

06/22…Tag Sales?  Not Auctions.  Yep…A LOT of em Soon!….While many would attempt to read into this…it is actually simple.  Once you see the MASSIVE amount of volume everywhere in the building and outside you will understand that tag sales are our only way out in the short term.  We were contracted for tag sale on the warehouse sale and to transition back to auction in short term just isn’t realistic for many reasons so watch for several “tag/priced” sales over the next few months.  That’s not to say there won’t be an auction or two but no doubt tag sales will be our focus.  Yes….This is back to the “old days” with everything from new items to estates and everything from 50 cents to $5k.  Keep an eye on website…should be interesting.  See you soon!