Upcoming Auctions

The Bullseye Report


07/15…The ink is dry…We just signed an agreement for 20 SEMI-LOADS of new overstocked and shelf pulled merchandise coming in through the end of 2016.  This is ALL brand new in boxes and everything from furniture to clothes to toys to tools from a top-notch major National Retailer.  This will all go tag sale and online auction style….and I mean these are quality items galore and will be offered at a fraction of new!!   Watch website….Sales galore…as we combine estates and collectibles with the new stuff we will be having “mega-sales” with truly something for anyone.  I will stake my name on it…you won’t find any sales ANYWHERE like the Bullseye the rest of this year!  Get ready for the bargains!

07/15…Where did all the auctions go?….I have charted auction activity for the past several years.  It’s crazy to watch…nearly every year has had fewer and fewer “live” auctions in Colorado and 3 neighboring states.  This year has seen a dramatic decline…and I believe will have the fewest auctions of any year on record for decades.  Bullseye will have the fewest “live” events since we have been in business as well.  Of course the question is WHY?  I believe a number of factors….no doubt at the top of the list is cost of advertising and fewer large resellers.  Mix that with a digital world and the younger generation not even knowing what an auction is and you get an auction world that quickly disappearing.  We have been lucky enough to maintain strong crowds and interest but many other companies are not faring as well.   I have also seen a dramatic swing in sellers desires and wanting to sell the entire estate/lot outright vs. consign.  It will be very interesting to watch in the coming handful of years what happens but would be very surprised if the trend changes.  We are quickly trying to adapt to changing market conditions and market demand.  When is the next live auction?….none currently scheduled…hopefully soon!  I have a lot of great lines saved up…hehe.  Watch website for details coming soon…several in the works.

07/15  Our kids are awesome…(& thanks Eddie & Mom/Dad)...I rarely give a shout out to my two great kids but they are workhorses!!  Eddie is a great volunteer and his work helps out a lot as well and my parents do a TON of behind the scenes that saves us an immense amount of time.  As I sit here and update this list my kids are unloading two 20′ trailers…not fun.  Without them we simply wouldn’t be able to stay in business with our current price and volume structure.  Yes….we run this with 4 people and volunteer Eddie, Ma/Pa, & Others….no employees.  What does this mean to you as a customer?  A lower cost structure on our end so we don’t need to be “greedy” (never have been) and offer nearly everything at wholesale prices or by absolute auction.  ONLY at the Bullseye!  We work a LOT of hours and move an immense amount of inventory so help yourself.  It’s here for sale and we TRULY appreciate you as a customer…at the end of the day without our large customer base we wouldn’t be in business!!  THANKS!…and a shout-out to Cauy and Dylan (& Eddie, Mom, Dad, Richard)…When you are in the store be nice to em…they deserve it!  TY!