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The Bullseye Report


11/17  Christmas Sale Details…UPDATE.  Appears the plan is to have a huge “tagged” sale on December 11th & 12th.  Would guess we will have a portion of trees, larger items, & assorted smaller items via online auction….just depends on how much space we end up with.  We have issues with space in the short term…Watch Website…so many variables….The only thing certain is we will have our 6th annual massive Christmas sale prior to December 25th…lol.

11/17  What B.S.  I just wasted my entire Day!  Yah…just ran into two people at Grocery Store and both were complaining they spent their entire Saturday at live auctions waiting all day on a couple items to sell and then either didn’t get bought or auction had a minimum on item.  Another reason you simply can’t beat online at the Bullseye!!  YOU are in control… NO wasted time….YOU decide how much time to spend on YOUR terms around YOUR schedule….I say stop wasting your time and get to the Bullseye!!

11/17  When will we be able to pay online??  One of the most popular questions.  Simple answer….before too long.  Remember, we do not “own” this software so one of the downfalls is that we are at the mercy of software company and updates.  It sounds as if an improved “invoice & payment” system is not too far away.  Will sure save both us and buyer’s who pay over the phone time and hassle.  Patience…it will be here soon…keep your fingers crossed.

11/17  Tag It & Bag It….Not far away.  One of the largest “tag..priced” sales you have ever seen will be at Bullseye.  There is just no way we can sift through this volume of items and get listed online so are boxing and piling numerous “lots”.  We will conduct one of the largest ever tag/priced sales with 1000′s upon 1000′s of quality items under $2.  Watch website for details date in coming weeks/months.  If you like yard sale style…this will be one for the ages.