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04/29 She says “Cut me some slack over $20″…..We have no more slack to give…as had a customer string me out and then no-show and yet begged for “some slack” on payment time for online auction.   A handful lost bidding rights this past week all due to late or non payment. ..sucks but just how it has to be.   Truly we NEVER want to lose a customer but the terms are the terms and you must understand…We pay our consignor on Monday after auction.  When invoices are outstanding and unpaid it truly screws everything up on our end…we either have to pay out of our pocket and become a collection agency or return/relist item for consignor.  Whether the bill is $1 or $1000 we have the same amount of paperwork and time to settle up.  While we run around 98% on time collection…AND WE TRULY APPRECIATE YOU ALL THAT FOLLOW THE RULES…I have no choice but to have a no tolerance policy.  We are simply too busy to be in the collection business.  We have major flexibility on pickup times…but if you buy online…READ the terms and get paid on time.  We give out over $100 in gift cards every sale just for showing up and paying…We do everything in our power.  TY & GOOD LUCK!!

04/29  No Deals..pashaw…Congrats James on the Score!!  Had a handful of people tell me there are no deals or bargains at the Bullseye so don’t go often anymore….LOL.  Well, the proof is in his wallet.  Will use name “James” out of respect to buyer…bought an old pottery piece/pot at live auction for $45 a couple weeks ago.  Yes only $45!!  Sold for over $1800!!  Saw the online receipt payment with my own two eyes.  Congrats!!  Quite a nice low investment score!…While many auctions and resellers will frown when they hear someone scores big because they didn’t “maximize” their profit on the sale…I have been doing this for decades and we are a LIQUIDATOR operating on volume.  I am actually quite happy…the item was selling either way.  The bottom line at truly what makes us different is just that.  That IS the business…And I love to hear about people’s hard work, time, & research paying off.  As a local auctioneer used to say “Deals don’t just fall in your lap unless you take time to get your lap in the right place and then they rain down!”.   Research and a good eye is often rewarded in this business more than any other…Good Luck….hope you are the next “story”!!!

04/29  Why Pueblo…Taking my stuff to Denver to sell…hehe… One of the most common responses from sellers I get…perception is a crazy game.  Well…the truth is simply “We love Pueblo” and a great sized market.  You can NEVER (and I mean NEVER) compare two resale or auction markets….it is a day to day unpredictable business and there is no basis to compare.  Pueblo is a very practical location…affordable overhead, population size that is still marketable, & most importantly loyal customers.  While no doubt there are more people up North…that doesn’t necessarily mean a “better” market.  Proof….OVER 60% of our business is transported from up North/Denver area to Pueblo for sale. Not by coincidence….there is a reason.   We truly thank all of YOU..our Bullseye Family for making Pueblo and Bullseye the PLACE TO BUY & SELL!!