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Raffle Winners for 02/05….THANKS & CONGRATS TO ALL WINNERS!!  TY!!  $25 Gift Cards: FOUR Winners: 277688, 277915, 277005, 277027      $15 Gift Cards: EIGHT Winners: 277019, 320907, 277008, 277802, 277244, 277142, 277709, 320953  GO BRONCOS!!!  Have a great weekend & Enjoy the Big Game

02/02  Faster…MORE viewing!??!…Got a couple calls complaining we don’t have more viewing times.  In a perfect world we would be open all the time. This is far from a perfect world at the Bullseye.  If we were open more we would never get anything done…and remember there are only two of us & volunteer Eddie making catalogs.  Most of the time we are down to a path to walk and it just simply will never happen.  While I would love to be open more and shoot the B.S. we are happy most of the time just to get a path and open by auction day…Thanks for your patience & business!

02/02  This ain’t a “get rich” business…Heard that rumor.  Hey..it doesn’t take a mathematics major to figure out that if you are going to make it in this business you gotta put up big numbers.  We are not really a “big numbers” business…do a lot of quality volume…glad just to make it to zero every month quite frankly.   We burn about $8k-$10k a month so gonna need waaaay more high dollar items than we get.  We love what we do and are simply trying to make a living at this point…have no desire to become risky.   While it is hard for most to understand I no longer have drive to “be rich”…I have made the big bucks in the past and are very content and truly love this business….a peaceful living is just fine.  Hopefully it shows & you see how much work we put forward to consistently deliver quality products to market.  We are very glad to have you as a part of our Bullseye Family!!  TY

02/02  Transparency…ANYTIME!  Anyone that knows me knows how I have got hosed in some of the weirdest ways in the past.  I hate thieves & have no room for liars…I expect my customers & sellers to buy/sell at Bullseye without ever questioning ANYTHING.   With that said I stand by my word and if you ever want to see bid history or sequence/times of online bids I will always gladly show. We certainly don’t spend this many hours uploading catalogs and pickup up items to play games.  If you ever think something “funky” or inconsistent is going on just let me know…we have nothing to hide and want you 100% confident in your privacy & bidding.  Find that at another auction company and let me know….Doubt anywhere else.  Bid with confidence at the Bullseye and feel free to ask me anything…any time.

02/02 ONLY at the Bullseye..Online Auctions  It is very interesting just to see how far the software has come in the past year.  Just so you understand how all this works online…we lease the software…obviously customized with our logo & personal settings.  The site is hosted and auction is “run” by “Hi-Bid” software.  They have launched a website listing all auctions using the same software if you would like to browse.  I only mention this because hopefully we at Bullseye are trendsetting and others will follow suit.  What do I mean?  Bullseye is nearly the only auction with “hard” close…meaning no time extensions on bids.  Some of the largest catalogs in the nation at Bullseye…meaning MORE selection, higher probability of bargains, & More fun.  NO buyer’s premiums….No extra charge for being a valued customer..I can’t even find another auction without these ridiculous charges & some now at 23%..incredible.  Fast intervals, $1 starts, & 50 cent bids…No where else!!  If you haven’t figured it out…I have structured out entire system to benefit YOU the buyer. I believe this will benefit sellers with a larger buyer’s pool for a more wide selection of items over the long run.  Look nationwide…Only right here at the Bullseye!  Good Luck & we hope you have fun shopping!!