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The Bullseye Report


08/19…RAFFLE Winners Online Auction pickup date 08/19.  Good Luck & THANK YOU!  Pick up your cards anytime next week (give us a call first) or at next auction.  All $15 Gift Cards as follows:  #652833 #652878  #684789  #652926 #652660 #652746 & #652965.  Congrats to all winners…See you soon!

08/17….Website Hanging on…Barely…Patience please.   YES…all portions of our website are NOT working.  We are aware of the problem and are froze out of main page and updating auctions & dates.  That portion is gone on the backend.  We had to do forced updates to our site and obviously didn’t go well…LOL.   We are getting very close to launching NEW and improved web site…In the meantime we have several issues.  This should not effect “online auction” link or current auctions or actual use of our site.  Thank you for your patience…a big upgrade is coming soon!

08/17…You can’t make this stuff up…Just today purchased two pieces of minor restaurant items for our kitchen here on an online auction from another company as auction was here in town (won’t say the name of course).  Or attempted to…LOL.   Not a big purchase by any means and just a couple of things I had been looking for…pot rack and stainless table.  Went to pay…and learned you have to pay in Denver…would not take my cash.  Auction in Pueblo…pay in Denver..Really?   I still think I am in the twilight zone.  Of course the rude gentlemen at the front immediately questioned my intelligence and quickly stated I can’t read and should have seen auction details..and basically I am an idiot.  I could have told him that without the lesson…public knowledge.  Yep…this was no doubt my bad and I should have read ever single hard to believe detail.  Clearly states that right in the fine print…no payment accepted in Pueblo.  Can’t honestly believe you don’t take cash on site…but what do I know.  What is my point?  Simple..READ THE FINE PRINT OF ALL AUCTIONS BEFORE YOU BID…you may be shocked!!   While we at Bullseye try to keep everything as simple and straightforward as possible…some of the other things you read and terms will make you scratch your head in simple disbelief as I started just reading other details from other auctions.  From an auction actually posting they “have the right to bid and increase bids at their discretion” right up front in auction details to payment required 200 miles from auction site to “reserving the right to refuse final bids”…I am never surprised at this point.  Come on…companies wonder why they have no customers or can’t get sales…INCREDIBLE!!   Let me know if anything is ever unclear at the Bullseye….this experience sure opened my eyes…And I am more committed than ever to trying to put everything up front in black and white with absolutely nothing to hide.  Hope you like to do business the Bullseye way….No doubt there is a difference.

08/17….An Amazing Fall 2016 at the Bullseye!!….This is shaping up to be a Fall of sales for the ages and one of the most diverse we have had.  Of course our busiest time of year.   A handful of truly incredible large estates in the works…Semi-Loads of New merchandise, & commercial building full.  We will continue to “mix it up” with all types of sales so all should have plenty to chose from in the format  you like best from auction to priced/tag sale.  Very excited to get upgrade on the website…Hopefully up in coming days/week.  See you soon!! Bullseye Out…Glen